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Double Slip Switch


Track switches with prototype detail (these are prototypes and the full production unit will be available soon). Railroads used double switches in areas where space is limited. The preference for a railroad is to use crossovers, but in a terminal area, space requirements limit the distance for connecting parallel tracks. If you want to create the feeling of a major passenger terminal, several slip switches in a row will impress every visitor, confuse every operator and add emmense enjoyment to the operation of your passenger trains. On the rail road these switches are called puzzle switches. I will offer electronic logic that will take the puzzle out of operating through the maze of terminal tracks. They will look as precise as the best hand laid tracklayer, yet be a fully drop in production piece.

Irish track layer is in the process of developing a double slip switch with all the detail of the prototype. All the special tie plates, rail braces and rail support brackets will be on the model. A replica of an electro-pneumatic switch motor will appear to operate the switch. The switch will be a #8 with movable frog in code 148 rail. Either steel or nickel silver rail and switch points from Right-O-Way will be use. The choice of rail is made by the customer.

The unit will come fully assembled ready to drop in a rectangle hole in the roadbed. Terminal strip connections will allow for easy electrical hook up. DCC compatible motors will be used to throw all points. The frog will be power routed. The ties will rest on Homasote sound deadening material. The thickness of the road bed will be ½ inch. Other thickness can be ordered. The design concept is plug and play. Long rails can be ordered for the outside rails to eliminate short sections of rail between switches. About 5 feet of rail is needed to provide 4” track centers.

You can express your interest in this and other operating turnouts by e-mailing me at:


A partially working prototype model will be displayed at O Scale West.

Price: $TBD

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